The Toronto Sound Of The 60’s

A really informative piece about Toronto music in the sixties, with lots of audio clips to go along with it. Thank you Russ Strathdee for putting this together.

Russ & Gary's "The Best Years of Music"

Russ: With a lot of encouragement from my blog partner, Gary, I have agreed to try to write about some of my experiences performing as a musician and contributing to the Toronto Sound of the 60’s.  I am pleased to say that for a decade I was really into it,  performing and recording music as a young sax player in the 1960s.

61RussSax Russ Strathdee (1961)

On Yonge Street, I played the Zanzibar, the Club Bluenote, Club 888 and the Hawk’s Nest. During those days, the saxophone was a very popular instrument and I also enjoyed the opportunity of recording with some of these bands – no earth shattering top hits, but one song made Toronto’s CHUM charts and I have recording credits on several LP albums. I also got to appear on television.

This post will touch on various venues where music was happening during this era as I will…

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